Book of Light

Hi, everyone! I am desperately trying to get a manuscript ready for beta readers (goal: Sunday) and have had to make decisions: blog or manuscript?

Well, I’m going to take a break on blog until I get manuscript done, so part 3 of “Behind the Yellow Door” is coming, but after I mount the manuscript beast and break its will at the end of my writing crop (do you see what I did there?).

To make up for this,  I take my temporary leave of you  with the prologue from said manuscript as a peace offering.

The flames of the city, fueled with the flesh and bone of hopeless innocents, grasped at the night sky. As he peered through the haze of smoke, his mind flooded with condemnation.

How did he let this happen? The attack was effective enough to create a national disaster of unprecedented proportions, bringing the entire nation to its knees in only a few days.

He stood at the edge of the woods, stunned. Before him, the cries of the lost. Behind him, the cries of the people he must save. It would be a different world now. They must strive for unity as a people, isolated from their new oppressors.

He turned to face the huddled mass of people behind him, all anxiously looking for guidance and encouragement. Wide eyed and fearful himself, he had nothing to offer them in the most frightening time of their lives. He had been elected for a system that operated under strict guidelines, and he flopped like a suffocating fish outside of it.

Stay unified. We will survive this night together. It’ll be all right.”

No one slept that night. They could only watch in numb horror, incapable of closing their eyes, unable to ignore the cries of the less fortunate who found no refuge in the woods.

-Sarah Joy Green-Hart


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