Tree of Life’s Scent

I gathered a number of the scents found in my upcoming novel Tree of Life and put them here. :o)

jaclyn-moy-492795-unsplash.jpgeye-watering fumes from cleaning blood off of stone
spiced rum that smells like his wife
lavender to soothe a crying boy
sizzling elk and wild onions
pancake batter and syrup
nectarine and peach
blood on soft hair


carolyn-v-468210-unsplash.jpgmarket spices from a man she loves
fruity breath
burning flesh
pine tar
night air / peace
a bucket of tobacco spit


sharon-mccutcheon-699451-unsplash.jpgfresh leaves, lemongrass, and berries
from a man she should hate

stone ground chocolate–earthy, saccharine, and reminiscent of cedarwood

a strong camphorous voice
with the coolness of pine


a beloved who smells of ginger and mint
cinnamon on the headboard
almost-sweet, earthy mold

orange and apple pomanders
dirt on her hands
official documents

a towel that smells like love
juniper geranium incense

spicy yarrow to stop the bleeding
a cedar chest filled with dresses
a peppermint and lavender laugh



fishy air
citrus air
oil paints
sweet soap
paper and ink

fir trees and morning skin
sugary evergreens

pastries and sweet tobacco
rose tea, sweet and tangy
wood smoke and coffee

castor oil
chicken soup
subdued white tea
an innocent’s death

glory in her hair


honeyed-rose in a room filled with rich experiences
fennel and garlic spiced sausage and maple syrup
religiosity and strict upbringing



Photos by Sharon McCutcheon , Annie Spratt,  Jaclyn MoyCarolyn V , Ricky Turner.  Linda Söndergaard


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